Coalescing and particulate removal filters
We design and build standard as well as specific equipment according to your needsOur engineers will provide you with all their knowledge from design to implementation.

Filter Elements
Various filter media are chosen according to the result you want to achieve.Give us incoming gas components, pressure, flow, temperature and expected outcome and we will create your filter.


Our Coalescing Filter Elements have been thouroughly tested and approuved as highly efficient by the ESIGEC laboratory (Chambery University)


Our filter elements are implemented in many processes involving a large number of gases such as compressed air, natural gas, helium, ammoniac, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon…

See the page "how to chose a filter element"

Adsorption air dryer with heatless regeneration.
Adsorption air dryer with dry air heat regeneration and precooling.
Low pressure adsorption air dryer with heat regeneration.
Adsorption air dryer with heat regeneration and air/vapor exchanger.
Low pressure adsorption air dryer with external heat regeneration.


Gas/liquid separator for use where there is a heavy charge of condensates. 
Can be made in compliance with CODAP, ASME, TUV ... . 
All material. All pressures and flow rates. Please ask.


Biogas separator

Oil / biogas separators on a desulfurization unit.


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